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10 Most Read MSSP Alert News Stories: Week Ended 15 July 2022

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This week’s most read MSSP Alert news involved Apollo Brokers, AWS’s Ryan Orsi, Capgemini lawsuit, Coalition, Cofense, ConnectWise, ControlCase, FifthWall Solutions, Mandiant, N-able, Redacted, SHI cyberattack, Swimlane, Symphony AI & more.

Getting A Head Start Against A Ransomware Attack

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To defend against ransomware & a real phishing campaign, reporting is key to early detection and mitigation, Cofense asserts.

Why Stopping Business Email Compromise (BEC) Needs To Be A Priority For MSPs

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Business Email Compromise (BEC) threat actors target organizations of all sizes. Here’s how MSPs can mitigate BEC security risks, according to Cofense.

MSPs Need A Layered Defense Against Phishing

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A rising number of credential phish and business email compromise campaigns are evading traditional email security controls, explains Cofense.

Combatting the Phishing Threat Landscape: Three Tips for MSPs

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Here’s how managed service providers can ramp up their security posture in 2022, according to Cofense.

Phishing Attacks: Malicious URLs May Outpace Email Attachment Risks

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Phishing attacks containing malicious URLs are four times more likely to bypass secure email gateways than those with email attachments, Cofense research finds.

Seems Phishy? It Probably Is: Debunking 4 Myths That Put Your Clients at Risk

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As phishing email attacks rise, it can be hard for MSPs to counter myths about who is most at risk. Cofense offers this guidance.

Defend Against the Evolving Threats Facing MSPs in 2022

Here’s how phishing threats and related cyberattacks affect MSPs both tactically and strategically, according to Cofense’s Rich Keith.

Credential Phishing Insights for MSPs: The Key to Your Customers’ Vulnerabilities

In a bid to harvest employee credentials, “Loud inboxes” are often capitalized upon by threat actors to communicate malicious emails.

The Difference Between an Attempted Attack and a Widespread Ransomware Attack: Employee Reporting

Most ransomware cases begin with a malicious email bearing malware. Cofense explains example attacks & proper steps to risk mitigation.