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Cybersecurity Research in Energy Sector Bill Presented to Congress

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The Energy Cybersecurity University Leadership Program Act (ECULPA) of 2023 could drive cybersecurity and energy infrastructure research.

U.S. Rep. Frank Mrvan, D-Indiana.

MSSP Alert Exclusive Interview: U.S. Congressman Frank Mrvan, Co-Sponsor of the Strengthening VA Cybersecurity (SVAC) Act

Congressman Frank Mrvan, Chairman of the U.S. House Technology Modernization Subcommittee, talks all things cybersecurity with MSSP Alert.

Small Business Association (SBA) Awards $3 Million to 3 States to Develop Cybersecurity Infrastructure

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The SBA’s Cybersecurity for Small Businesses pilot program will help nascent businesses build out their cyber defenses from inception.

U.S. Justice Department Investigating Court Records System Breach; Highly Sensitive Documents Compromised

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The Justice Department’s National Security Division describes a court records breach of “startling breadth and scope.”