"Cyber Shield Act" Posts

IoT Cybersecurity: Dems Pursue Cyber Shield Act Legislation Again

Democrats reintroduce Cyber Shield Act, a voluntary IoT certification program that allow manufacturers to verify their connected devices as hacker proof.

Dems Resubmit Cyber Shield Act to Secure IoT Devices

Democrats in the House and Senate strive to legislate cybersecurity into Internet of Things (IoT) devices, reintroducing the Cyber Shield Act.

Proposed Cyber Shield Act Pushes IoT Security Standards: Will Certification Rebuff Attackers?

Credit: Pixabay

The emerging Cyber Shield Act for IT security standards will rely on a committee of experts from academia, industry, consumer advocates and the public.

Managed Security Services Provider Morning News: 01 November 2017

Our MSSP updates involve IoT security standards, the Cyber Shield Act, Check Point, Comodo, managed security services market size forecasts & more.