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CyberRes Acquires Debricked; MDR and Software Supply Chain Security Converge

CyberRes, a security software & MDR business owned by Micro Focus, seeks to help DevOps & DevSecOps teams secure their software developments.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 12 January 2022

Today’s MSSP news involves Aspire Technology Partners, Bregal Milestone, CyberMDX, CyberRes, Devo Technology, Eureka, Palo Alto Networks, Prancer Enterprise, Redstor, SentryBay, SolarWinds, Stratodesk & more.

Security Operations Centers Evolve Amid COVID-19, Hybrid Workforce Era

Nearly eight in 10 security operations centers (SOCs) have ramped up their adoption of advanced security technologies, CyberRes research finds.