"Cybersecurity Legislation" Posts

Regulations, Laws and Accountability Are Changing The Cybersecurity Landscape

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MSSPs are well-positioned to help customers navigate new cybersecurity regulations as legislators enact more laws, according to Blackberry.

Congress and Cybersecurity Legislation: Potential MSSP Implications Explained

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U.S. cybersecurity legislation from Congress could influence MSSP data protection, breach & incident disclosure policies, Cyber Policy Institute analysis suggests.

Senate Passes IoT Security Legislation to Protect Feds’ Device Procurement

U.S. Senate approves Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020. What President Trump’s potential signature means for IoT security.

IoT Security Bill Passes House, Sets Minimum Security Requirements for Federal Procurement

The House passes legislation that ensures Internet of Things (IoT) devices purchased by the federal government meet minimum security requirements as issued by NIST.

Proposed Bill Could Threaten Apple, Facebook Messaging Platforms

EARN IT bill could force providers of end-to-end encrypted messaging services to build in backdoors to their products, the EFF said.

Three Cybersecurity Bills Blocked by Senate Majority Again

The U.S. Senate majority has blocked three bi-partisan election security bills, overriding concerns that foreign interference in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections has already begun and will escalate.