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Cybersecurity Response: N-able’s CISO Dave MacKinnon’s Got a Plan

How to prepare a cybersecurity crisis response plan and why you need tabletop exercises to practice it.

Dept of Energy Researchers Demonstrate Deep Reinforcement Learning as Cyber Defense

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Energy Department researchers have created an AI using deep reinforcement learning that interrupts 95% of cyber attacks at the exfiltration stage.

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Zero Trust OT Security Solution

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Palo Alto Networks’ zero trust security solution helps organizations protect their operational technology (OT) assets, networks and remote operations.

Right of Boom Live Blog 2023: MSSP Security Conference

Key takeways for MSPs and MSSPs from the cybersecurity and information security conference Right of Boom 2023 in Grapevine, Texas.

Global Cybersecurity Market Expected to Hit $300B by 2027, Research Says

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Demand for network security and privacy, adoption of cloud computing and cyberattack frequency driving cybersecurity market growth.

Small Business Association (SBA) Awards $3 Million to 3 States to Develop Cybersecurity Infrastructure

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The SBA’s Cybersecurity for Small Businesses pilot program will help nascent businesses build out their cyber defenses from inception.

White House Launches 120-Day Sprint for Cyber Apprenticeships

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Training programs will place particular focus on recruiting women and minorities to work in the cybersecurity field.

Microsoft Educational Partnership with AustCyber Promotes Diversity Within Australia’s Cybersecurity Workforce

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The Cyber Security Microsoft Traineeship Program helps Australians build a cybersecurity career regardless of age, background or experience.

ePlus Acquires Future Com, Expands Cybersecurity Business

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By acquiring Future Com, ePlus bolsters managed security services & cybersecurity business in the South-Central U.S. region.

NINJIO Debuts Security Awareness Training (SAT) Partner Program

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“The NINJIO Partner Program offers solution providers an opportunity to meet the full array of their customers’ cybersecurity needs.”