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BlackBerry Announces Cyber Defense Innovations, Vendor Partnerships at Security Summit 2022

BlackBerry unveils new Cyber Threat Intelligence offering plus enhancements to its AI-based cybersecurity portfolio, cloud services and more.

Regulations, Laws and Accountability Are Changing The Cybersecurity Landscape

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MSSPs are well-positioned to help customers navigate new cybersecurity regulations as legislators enact more laws, according to Blackberry.

Leverage a Human-Centric Cybersecurity Strategy Using Managed XDR

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Combining seasoned cybersecurity analysts with managed XDR services empowers organizations to take a prevention-first approach to security.

Cylance Founder Stuart McClure Joins ShiftLeft as CEO

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Code security provider ShiftLeft hires Cylance founder Stuart McClure as CEO for DevSecOps & application security market push.

Making Zero Trust Easy, Available and Affordable

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A key first security step for modern hybrid work environments is to embrace Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) principles, BlackBerry asserts.

MDR MSSPs Can Save the Day for SMB Clients

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Through partnership, MSSPs can offer valuable MDR (Managed Detection & Response) services to mitigate cybersecurity risks for customers.

BlackBerry CEO: We Will Emphasize Cylance Security Brand

BlackBerry will share Cylance channel partner updates within 90 days, CEO John Chen says. Hiring McAfee’s John Giamatteo begins to pay dividends.

Learn How To Prevent The Latest Malware From Impacting Your Clients’ Environments

How MSPs and MSSPs can defend against HermeticWiper, a malware that has infected organizations in Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Data Privacy Day Is Every Day

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MSPs and MSSPs can take these steps to proactively safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) throughout the data lifecycle.

BlackBerry Perspectives on 2022: Predictions and Growing MSSP Opportunities

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The cybersecurity team at BlackBerry offers predictions and advice on notable trends and growing opportunities for MSSPs in the coming year.