"GoDaddy" Posts

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Market News: 19 May 2022

Credit: Getty Images

Today’s MSSP market news involves BlackBerry cybersecurity, Cisco Systems Duo, GoDaddy, Inky, New Relic Vulnerability Management & more.

Amazon AWS S3 Error Exposes GoDaddy Configuration Data

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) error exposes GoDaddy configuration data from thousands of servers, UpGuard cyber risk management says.

GoDaddy Launches Website Security Certification for Small Businesses

GoDaddy integrates with McAfee SECURE & launches the TrustedSite website security certification to help small businesses protect their online customers.

Managed Security Services Provider Morning News: 24 August 2017

MSSP & cybersecurity updates involving Dell EMC, DreamHost, GoDaddy, Kaspersky Lab, ShoCard, SonicWall, President Trump’s U.S. cybersecurity policy & more.