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Don’t Get Schooled: How MSPs and Security Teams Can Catch a Phish

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Phishing is one of the top four key paths for threat actors to achieve success in their attacks and one of the top five sources of breaches.

10 Most Read MSSP Alert News Stories: Week Ended 09 September 2022

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This week’s most read MSSP Alert news involved Alert Logic, Arctic Wolf, Dark Trace, HelpSystems, Huntress, Insight Partners, Palo Alto Networks, SaaS Alerts, Thoma Bravo, Wipro & more.

Huntress Seeks Cybersecurity Acquisitions; $40M Debt Financing Arrives

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Instead of raising venture capital, cybersecurity platform provider Huntress receives debt financing. MSP & MSSP partner implications explained.

10 Most Read MSSP Alert News Stories: Week Ended 19 August 2022

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This week’s most read MSSP news involved Coalition cyber insurance; CyberArk M&A; Darktrace; GreenPages; Huntress Managed EDR; Mandiant; Thoma Bravo & more.

Huntress Intros Managed EDR Security Services for MSP Partners

New managed EDR security service may help MSP & MSSP partners to continuously monitor threat activity from thousands of applications.

Four Sneaky Attacker Evasion Techniques You Should Know About

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Hackers have learned to be quiet when infiltrating an environment. Huntress explains what MSPs & MSSPs need to know about defense evasion.

Security Awareness Training Acquisition: Huntress Buys Curricula for $22M

Managed detection & response (MDR) platform provider Huntress buys Curricula, a security awareness training platform company.

Navigating the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST cybersecurity framework has five pillars — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover — for cybersecurity best practices. 

What Is Defense Evasion?

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By understanding defense evasion techniques, MSSPs & MSPs can harden their arsenal of traps & detections against hackers & adversaries, Huntress asserts.

Microsoft MSDT In Windows Vulnerability: Follina Zero Day Details, Mitigation Strategies Explained

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Microsoft Office RCE ‘Follina’ MSDT attack vector details, and Zero Day mitigation strategies for MSSPs & security-driven MSPs.