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Security Operations Centers: One User Interface for SOC Analysts?

What’s the latest chapter in SOAPA (security operations and analytics platform architecture)? The answer involves a common UI/UX for SOC analysts.

Cyber Risk Management: A Disconnect Between Business and Security

Business leaders want actuarial tables & timely metrics to adjust risk management strategies in real time. Alas, most CISOs & chief risk officers don’t have the processes or metrics to satisfy those needs.

Cyber Risk Management Grows More Difficult

Why do 73% of cybersecurity, GRC, and IT professionals believe cyber risk management is more problematic? ESG’s Jon Oltsik explains.

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Worsens, ESG Research Suggests

Cybersecurity talent once again represents the biggest area where organizations face a shortage of skills, ESG research reveals.

The Problem with Collecting, Processing, and Analyzing More Security Data

Security is a big data application, so it’s time for the security industry & cybersecurity pros to get that data under control. ESG offers this advice.

Security Operations Spending: Can You Calculate ROI?

Businesses are willing to spend on security operations centers (SOCs), but they’ll demand metrics demonstrating improved cybersecurity results.

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations Skills Shortage

Cybersecurity operations staffs are particularly weak at threat hunting, assessing & prioritizing security alerts, forensics & tracking incident lifecycles.

Cybersecurity Tools: Enterprises Start Technology Consolidation

The typical enterprise uses dozens of cybersecurity tools. Amid lack of integration, some enterprises will consolidate those point solutions, ESG says.

Toward Strategic and Proactive Threat Intelligence Programs

Organizations should centralize threat intelligence and use it to automate security operations. So, what’s the problem? ESG’s Jon Oltsik explains.

Cloud Security: Still A Work In Progress

So, how’s cloud security going at this point? ESG research indicates cloud security is still a work in progress. Jon Oltsik explains.