"KuppingerCole" Posts

Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Securing Your Identities Right From the Cloud

Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP for short) is a cloud-based service for monitoring and protecting hybrid IT infrastructures against targeted cyberattacks and malicious insider activities, KuppingerCole explains.

Recent Cyberattack Against German Government Network: No Surprise

Is the German government network as super secure as the government claims? Obviously not. It might even be above average. But every network is vulnerable to attacks.

European Banking Authority (EBA) Rules Out Secure Open Banking?

It seems perverse that technical regulations associated with the opening of electronic payment services may inhibit modern cybersecurity measures.

Free Software Tools That Can Save Millions? We Need More of These

The number of security risks a business-critical database faces is surprisingly large. Can free tools assist?

Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing: A Step Forward in Cloud Security

Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing adds a new layer of protection to cloud services, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, KuppingerCole asserts.

The Cargo Cult of Cybersecurity

The more you pressure vendors for secure design today, the higher the chances tomorrow they will see security by design as their unique selling proposition.

Building Trust as a Foundation for Sustainable Business Strategies

Many organizations have not yet built trusted identity relationships with users, customers, consumers & employees. KuppingerCole says that must change.

PSD2: Strong Customer Authentication Done Right

The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), an upcoming EC regulation, will have a massive impact on the Finance Industry. Martin Kuppinger explains why.

There Is No Such Thing as GDPR-Compliant Software or SaaS Solution

Some vendors make “GDPR compliant” marketing claims for their applications & SaaS options. In reality, neither SaaS nor applications can be GDPR compliant.

OpenC2: Standards for Faster Response to Security Incidents

Can the OpenC2 Forum enable command and control of cyber defense technologies? KuppingerCole offers some perspectives.