"Linux" Posts

Microsoft Tests Defender for Endpoint Linux EDR Capabilities

Microsoft Defender with endpoint detection & response (EDR) capabilities enters public preview for Linux server security.

Palo Alto Networks Adds Linux Support to Traps Endpoint Protection

Palo Alto Networks releases an updated version of its endpoint protection solution that includes Linux support & a cloud-delivered management service.

Meltdown, Spectre Patch Management Process: 88% Frustration

After the confusing Meltdown & Spectre patch management rollout process, 88% of organizations are frustrated and 72% plan to slow down future patch rollouts, a Barkly study shows.

Linux Malware Cybersecurity Attacks Grow, WatchGuard Report Reveals

Linux malware increases Q1 2017 Internet Security Report from unified threat management (UTM) & firewall appliances company WatchGuard Technologies shows.