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Consumers Face Greater Risks from Malware but Many are Unprepared and Vulnerable

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Consumers experience the same malware threats as do businesses, but are often victimized by inadequate cybersecurity protections, ReasonLabs reports.

IcedID Malware Compromised Active Directory Domain in Less Than a Day

Credit: Cybereason

Cybereason advises on how to protect your organization from IcedID, a commonly known banking trojan used to steal financial information.

Russian Cyber Crew Targets Ukraine Financial Sector Via Infected USB Drives

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A suspected Russia-tied Turla Team is distributing the Kopiluwak reconnaissance utility and the QuietCanary backdoor on Ukraine targets.

Nine in 10 Third-party Contractors, Freelancers Use Personal, Unmanaged Devices Likely to be Infected

Contractors and freelancers often put organizations at risk of malware with poor cyber hygiene practices, Talon Cyber Security reports.

Zscaler: Nearly 90% of Cyberattacks Now Use Encrypted Channels

Malware continues to pose the greatest threat across nine key industries, with manufacturing, education and healthcare the most targeted.

OpenText Releases List Of The Year’s “Nastiest” Malware

Credit: OpenText

Emotet, LockBit, Conti, Qbot & Valyria named 2022’s nastiest malware; LockBit evolves triple extortion tactics.

Media Companies Doubly Susceptible to Cyberattacks, Top 250 MSSP BlueVoyant Finds

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Because media companies rely heavily on third-party providers to produce and distribute content, they’re more likely to be malware targets.

PolySwarm Will Pay You for Malware Threat Intelligence Data

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PolySwarm’s malware intelligence browser plug-in offers monetary rewards for the data people provide from simply browsing the internet.

WithSecure Issues Alert of DUCKTAIL Malware Targeting Facebook Ads

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WithSecure says, with “high confidence,” that the operation is the work of a Vietnamese threat actor and it’s motives are financially driven.

ESET Discovers Malware Attack on Mac Systems Dubbed “CloudMensis”

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ESET believes that CloudMensis’ “very limited distribution” is the part of a targeted operation against Macs.