"Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities" Posts

Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Phishing Campaigns

Hackers exploited recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities to attack enterprise networks & distribute phishing emails both internally & externally, Cybereason research revealed.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 23 August 2021

Today’s MSSP news involves Check Point Software, CISA, LockerFile ransomware, Palo Alto Networks XDR, Symantec, Zix & more.

Microsoft Exchange Server ProxyShell Attacks: MSSPs and MSPs Must Patch Vulnerabilities

MSSPs & MSPs: Apply these patches to mitigate three Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities that hackers continue to exploit, CISA warns.

Hackers Use Prometei Botnet to Attack Microsoft Exchange Users

Cybercriminals leverage Prometei botnet to exploit Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities linked to the Hafnium cyberattacks, Cybereason says.

Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities: NSA, Microsoft Discover 4 New Issues

Newly discovered Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities: Microsoft and the NSA (National Security Agency) urge customers to patch email systems.

Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities: Five Remediation Steps for MSSPs, Security MSPs

Five steps to remediate Microsoft Exchange Server email vulnerabilities, according to Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) alert.

Microsoft Exchange Security Patches for Hafnium Hacker Attacks

Microsoft Exchange Server software patches address e-mail security vulnerabilities, which China hacker group HAFNIUM allegedly exploited.