"Microsoft Windows Security" Posts

Microsoft Announces Pluton Security Processor for Windows PCs

Microsoft introduces the Pluto Windows PC security processor, which uses root-of-trust technology to protect credentials, encryption keys & personal data.

Windows Security Flaw: NSA Discovers Vulnerability, Microsoft Patches It

The National Security Agency (NSA) discovers dangerous Microsoft Windows vulnerability. MSSPs should apply this Microsoft patch for NSA-discovered vulnerability.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 27 August 2019

Today’s MSSP news involves CriticalStart, Vermont CISO Nicholas Andersen, Microsoft Windows security & privacy, Hostinger data breach, Fortinet-VMware partnership & more.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 16 August 2019

Today’s MSSP news involves Cloudflare IPO, Exabeam SIEM & UEBA, Fidelus Technologies, Global Cyber Alliance, Mcfee, ShieldX, Spinnaker Support, Symantec & more.

Microsoft Tells Partners: Patch Windows Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Microsoft urges MSSPs & MSPs to patch Remote Code Execution vulnerability called CVE-2019-0708. Unpatched customers risk suffering a WannaCry-type attack.