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Yahoo Most Faked Brand Name in Phishing Attempts by Threat Actors in Q4 2022

Check Point Software found that cybercriminals often distribute emails with subject lines that suggest a recipient had won an award or prize.

New Cybercrime Atlas Will Aid Law Enforcement & Private Sector

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Fortinet, Microsoft, PayPal and Banco Santander back the World Economic Forum’s effort to map cybercriminals’ movements.

Sophos Cuts 10% of Jobs in Pivot to Managed Detection and Response Services

Credit: Sophos

Sophos joins a growing list of technology companies that have laid off staff, as Microsoft this week let go some 10,000 people.

MSSP ProArch Acquires Data Protection Company Trum & Associates

ProArch bolsters its cybersecurity and governance, risk and compliance capabilities with the acquisition of data protection company Trum.

Rackspace Update: Hackers Used Zero-Day Exploit in Ransomware Attack

Threat actor known as Play used a previously unknown security exploit to gain initial access to the Rackspace Hosted Exchange email environment.

LogRhythm Expands Security Operations Capabilities, Integrations

Credit: LogRhythm

LogRhythm’s new capabilities and integrations help security teams detect and resolve cyber threats faster than ever before.

MSSP Netrix Earns Microsoft-Verified Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) Status

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Netrix receives Microsoft Managed Extended Detection and Response validation, offers MXDR services built on the Microsoft Security platform.

MacOS Flaw: Apple Patches Bug That Can Bypass Application Execution Restrictions

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Apple has patched a bug found by a Microsoft security researcher that can enable attackers to bypass application execution restrictions.

Critical Infrastructure Attacks: Convergence of IoT and OT Gives Hackers a Huge Attack Surface

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Microsoft releases its new report, “The Convergence of IT and Operational Technology: Cyber Risks to Critical Infrastructure on the Rise.”

MSPs Applied Tech, Platte River Networks Announce Merger

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Platte River Networks will operate under the Applied Tech brand starting in early 2023, creating a “strategic IT powerhouse” for SMBs.