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NATO Readies for Cyber War: Simulation Shows Unified Front Against Attack

Cyber Coalition 2022 is based on a realistic scenario where a powerful threat actor tries to compromise a NATO mission.

Atos Wins Deal to Refresh NATO Mission Critical Systems

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The NATO Communications and Information Agency has awarded French IT conglomerate Atos a 1.2 million euro contract to install and configure mission critical cybersecurity capabilities and systems at 22 NATO sites.

NATO Cyber Coordinators Convene at Inaugural Meeting on Cyber Landscape

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) cybersecurity leaders discuss global cyber landscape amid war in Ukraine, Russian aggression & more.

NATO Allies Vow to Fight Ransomware Attacks in Collective Policy Statement

In the recent NATO summit, the 30 international allies vowed to use the full force of their alliance to fight ransomware attacks worldwide.