"New York State Department of Financial Services" Posts

New York’s Financial Services Regulator Sets Guidelines for Ransomware Protection

New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) shares ransomware attack mitigation guidelines for regulated entities. MSP & MSSP implications explained.

New York DFS Files Cybersecurity Charges Against First American Title

court legal justice vertical market lawsuit judge ruling

Landmark legal case tests cybersecurity regulations, penalties & enforcement: New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) vs. First American Title Insurance Company.

DFS’s Cybersecurity Regulation: What Your Company Should Have Done

Organizations covered by New York’s Cybersecurity Regulation for Financial Service Companies must take stock of their compliance efforts before pushing deeper into 2019.

M&A and Cyber Diligence: New York’s DFS Issues a Reminder

Financial services & insurance companies with New York ties must look beyond their own data cybersecurity practices when considering M&A, Patterson Belknap explains.