"Open XDR" Posts

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Intros Universal EDR Data Gathering Capabilities

Credit: Getty Images

Stellar Cyber Open XDR & Universal EDR allow MSSPs & customers to optimize & augment event & alert data from multiple EDR tools.

XDR Provider Stellar Cyber Announces Incident Correlation Technology

Stellar Cyber Open XDR gains AI-based incident correlation technology to speed incident analysis & response for MSPs, MSSPs & MDR service providers.

Stellar Cyber Unveils XDR Kill Chain Model

Stellar Cyber incorporates an XDR Kill Chain model for MSPs, MSSPs & MDR providers into a new version of Open XDR security platform.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform Gains Centralized Management Capabilities

Stellar Cyber Central dashboard allows MSSPs to manage Open XDR security platform across multiple customers.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Security Platform Gains Threat Intelligence Capabilities

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR security platform gains threat intelligence capabilities to help MSSPs identify, investigate & remediate cyber threats.

XDR Platform Provider Stellar Cyber Launches MSSP Partner Program

Stellar Cyber unveils Jumpstart, a partner program that enables MSSPs to integrate its Open XDR extended detection & response platform into their portfolios.