"President Biden" Posts

SolarWinds Hacker Encore: Russia Phishing Attacks Target U.S. Government Agencies

U.S. legislators urge President Biden to tighten economic sanctions vs. Russia amid Microsoft report of Russia-led phishing attacks.

Biden Proposes Billions to Strengthen U.S. Cybersecurity

President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal would allocate billions of dollars to upgrade U.S. cybersecurity & network defenses.

President Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order: IT Service Provider Implications

President Biden’s cybersecurity executive order has implications & deadlines for IT service providers, cloud service providers (CSPs) & more.

Biden Infrastructure Plan Lacks Cybersecurity Budget

Cybersecurity takes a backseat in President Biden’s proposed $2.25 trillion infrastructure package; no money allocated to defend the country from cyberattacks.

Lawmakers Press Biden to Nominate Federal Cybersecurity Leader Now

The White House has yet to nominate a national cybersecurity director to centralize federal cybersecurity policy. Critics want action.

Biden Wants International “Rules” to Combat Alleged Russian, Chinese Cyberattacks

The United States & democratic nations must jointly frame the “norms of behavior in cyberspace,” President Biden asserts at virtual Munich Security Conference.