"Privacy" Posts

Privacy Seekers Are Really Looking for Life Management Platforms

Imagine a secure digital data store for your identity documents, financial records, credit score, health records, ownership deeds & more.

COVID-19, Contact Tracing and U.S. Government Surveillance Concerns: Research

How far will Americans let government surveillance and contact tracing go in the post-coronavirus pandemic world? This research offers clues.

Trump Admin May Revive NSA Telephone Surveillance

Trump White House calls on Congress to revive National Security Agency’s (NSA) controversial telephone surveillance efforts.

Privacy: California Gov Suggests Facebook, Google Should Pay Consumers For Their Data

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposes tech giants such as Facebook and Google, which make billions from using the private data of the state’s 40 million residents, pay them for the privilege.

Millions of Mobile Users’ Geo-location Data at Risk in Tracking Scheme

If you’re looking for data aggregators such as the Dallas, TX-based Securus Technologies and the Carlsbad, CA-headquartered LocationSmart to safeguard your privacy, you’ve got a long wait ahead of you.

Cloud Data & Email Privacy: Microsoft vs. U.S. Government Intensifies As EU Preps Legislation

Microsoft vs. Justice Department cloud data & email privacy case heads to U.S. Supreme Court just as European Union proposes more legislation.