"Qakbot" Posts

BlackBerry: Threat Actors Launch A Unique Malware Sample Every Minute

BlackBerry reports that its technology stopped 1,757,248 malware-based cyberattacks during the 90-day period in late 2022.

Black Basta Crew Using Qakbot in Widespread Ransomware Strikes

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Cybereason reports that its managed services team observed multiple infections of Black Basta using QakBot beginning more than a year ago.

Emotet Resurfacing as Power Player in Ransomware Wars, Avertium Warns

Avertium, a Top 250 MSSP, releases report that dives deep into the notorious Emotet botnet and warns of its criminal intent.

CISA: Top 11 Malware Strains for 2021 Feature RATs, Trojans, Macro Downloaders, Loaders

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CISA and the Australian Cyber Security Centre have jointly compiled an advisory of the top malware strains for 2021.

Cisco Incident Response Report: Commodity Malware Top Threat in Q2

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This marks the first time in more than a year that ransomware was not the top threat in a quarter.

Qakbot Trojan Malware Evades AV Software, Attacks Enterprise Networks

Credit: Pixabay

Qakbot Trojan malware causes enterprise account & administrator system lock-downs & evades antivirus (AV) software, cybersecurity company Cylance says.

Managed Security Services Morning Update: 24 May 2017

Worldwide managed security services provider (MSSP) news involving Bulletproof, Cylance, Hexadite, Microsoft, Qakbot malware and more.