"Ransomware" Posts

Ransomware Hackers Exploit Two-Year-Old VMware Vulnerability in Disruption Campaign

Thousands of computers in North America and Western Europe sustained ransomware attacks that exploited a two-year VMware vulnerability.

Rebranded Ransomware Crews Spike Number of Hijacking Incidents in Q4 2022

There was at least one new ransomware group each month of 2022, with Lockbit, Alphv, Hive and Blackbasta the most active, GuidePoint reports.

Ransomware Dips During 2022: Are Cyberattacks Slowing or Just a Blip?

One in four organizations received ransomware attacks over the past 12 months, reports Dilenea, a privileged access management provider.

Rackspace Update: Hackers Used Zero-Day Exploit in Ransomware Attack

Threat actor known as Play used a previously unknown security exploit to gain initial access to the Rackspace Hosted Exchange email environment.

Ransomware Research: More than 200 U.S. Infrastructure Organizations Attacked in 2022

More than 200 large organizations in the U.S. suffered a ransomware attack last year, Emsisoft reports.

2023 Predictions: Expect More Supply Chain Attacks, Ransomware-as-a-Service Kits in 2023

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Will the new year see a rise in supply chain cyberattacks and an increase in mobile threats? What’s the scenario for 2023?

New Ransomware Variant, Written In Rust, Hitting Critical Infrastructure Companies

Ransomware crews, including BlackCat, Hive and RansomExx, have developed their own versions of their ransomware in Rust, Trend Micro reports.

Ransomware Warning! Expect Hackers to Hit Harder During Holiday Season

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Ransomware attacks during weekends and holidays hit organizations when they are most vulnerable, causing greater damage, Cybereason reports.

CISA and Spain Partnership to Develop Tool to Help Countries Combat Ransomware

Credit: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

The tool will feature a series of case studies that public-private partnerships have used in the counter-ransomware fight.

Ransomware Research: 17 Leaked Databases Operated by Threat Actors Threaten Third Party Organizations

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2022 has been another record year for cyber criminals and ransomware gangs, Deep Instinct reports.