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Russia-linked Hackers Launch DDoS Attacks on Germany and U.S. Hospitals, Threaten Canada

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Killnet suspected in DDoS attacks on German government websites, banks and airports and U.S. hospitals.

Russian Cyber Crew Targets Ukraine Financial Sector Via Infected USB Drives

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A suspected Russia-tied Turla Team is distributing the Kopiluwak reconnaissance utility and the QuietCanary backdoor on Ukraine targets.

Cybercrime Top 10 Rankings: China is No. 1 While U.S. Records Highest Rate of Security Breaches

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In the first half of 2022, more than 50 million U.S. citizens had been affected by cybercrimes.

Ukraine Strikes Deal with Anti-Disinformation Consultant to Combat Russian Campaigns

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Ukraine hopes that its deal with NWO.ai and OODA will enable its cybersecurity teams to anticipate major changes and combat digital attacks.

Chinese Government Linked Hackers Swiped $20M in Targeted Pandemic Funds, Secret Service Says

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Chinese-backed hacker group APT41 has attacked U.S. Small Business Administration loans and unemployment benefits.

NATO Readies for Cyber War: Simulation Shows Unified Front Against Attack

Cyber Coalition 2022 is based on a realistic scenario where a powerful threat actor tries to compromise a NATO mission.

Microsoft Warns of Novel Ransomware Attacking Ukraine, Poland

It remains unclear if the “Prestige” attacks will be confined to Ukraine and Poland or if the hackers will advance on other countries.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Prompts Organizations to Change Cybersecurity Strategy, Venafi Reports

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Exploiting machine identities is becoming a favored attack surface of nation-state threat actors.

Microsoft Hobbles Russian-backed Seaborgium Espionage Phishing Crew

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Microsoft has tracked Russian-sponsored bad actor Seaborgium since 2017, recommends Office 365 cyber defense actions.

Atos Wins Deal to Refresh NATO Mission Critical Systems

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The NATO Communications and Information Agency has awarded French IT conglomerate Atos a 1.2 million euro contract to install and configure mission critical cybersecurity capabilities and systems at 22 NATO sites.