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Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 18 March 2021

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Today’s MSSP news involves AXIS Insurance, Backblaze, BigPanda, Claroty, Datto CISO Ryan Weeks, Deloitte, Elpha Secure, Entrust, F-Secure, Quantexa, Synnex, Tessian, Vulcan Cyber & more.

How to Combat WFH Cybersecurity Threats During the Global Health Crisis

Datto CISO Ryan Weeks shares Work From Home (WFH) cybersecurity tips for MSPs and their end-customers.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP): 20 April 2020

Today’s MSSP news involves Cognizant Maze ransomware attack, DarkOwl, Datto CISO Ryan Weeks’ WFH advice, DHS warning, Pure Security & more.

Louisiana Criticizes MSP Industry’s Security Practices; Employs MSSP

Many MSPs lack proper cybersecurity practices & expertise, Louisiana’s Secretary of State warns government leaders. True MSSPs are one potential answer, he adds.

A Cybersecurity Rundown for MSPs

The latest cybersecurity and ransomware threats, and how MSPs (managed IT services providers) can fight back, according to Datto CISO Ryan Weeks.

MSPs vs Natural Disasters: Tips on How to Protect Your Clients & Your Business

How MSPs can build business continuity plans that stand up against hurricanes & coastal storms, according to Datto CISO Ryan Weeks.

A Ransomware News Roundup for MSPs

What MSPs can learn from ransomware attacks vs Albany, New York; the Norsk Hydro aluminum company; and the United Kingdom’s police federation, according to Datto.

3 Laws to Help Combat Cyber Threats

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Many countries and regions are passing laws to require companies to report data breaches to the authorities and their customers. Here are three examples.

Get Your Customers Prepared During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Amid National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, now is a great time for MSPs to polish up on the latest cybersecurity trends and risk mitigation tactics.

The Cybersecurity Checklist for SMBs, And MSPs Who Serve Them

To help MSPs educate businesses about ransomware, Datto created an eight-point checklist to share with customers to help ensure critical business data is protected. CISO Ryan Weeks explains.