"ShoCard" Posts

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 15 June 2018

Today’s MSSP and cybersecurity updates involve Blockchain and cryptocurrency security; Endgame & Expel partner on managed detection and response; ConnectWise & Datto conferences; Kaspersky Lab, McAfee research, OneLogin, ShoCard, Sysdig, Tufin and more.

Managed Security Services Provider Morning News: 03 November 2017

Our MSSP & cybersecurity updates involve AWS DDoS tracking, ConnectWise, CyberArk, MobileIron, RFA, Riverbed, Seclore, ShoCard, Zscaler & more.

ShoCard: Blockchain Plus Identity Management Equals Cybersecurity

With ShoCard’s ShoBadge, employee ID information is stored encrypted on the employee’s mobile device, then verified through the blockchain.

Managed Security Services Provider Morning News: 24 August 2017

MSSP & cybersecurity updates involving Dell EMC, DreamHost, GoDaddy, Kaspersky Lab, ShoCard, SonicWall, President Trump’s U.S. cybersecurity policy & more.