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Chinese Government Linked Hackers Swiped $20M in Targeted Pandemic Funds, Secret Service Says

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Chinese-backed hacker group APT41 has attacked U.S. Small Business Administration loans and unemployment benefits.

Small Business Association (SBA) Awards $3 Million to 3 States to Develop Cybersecurity Infrastructure

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The SBA’s Cybersecurity for Small Businesses pilot program will help nascent businesses build out their cyber defenses from inception.

New Small Business Cybersecurity Funding Act: Good for MSPs, MSSPs?

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Proposed legislation aligns with major MSP & MSSP concern: Proper cybersecurity training for small business owners & employees.

Small Business Cybersecurity: House Passes Key Bill

The House passes Small Business Administration (SBA) Cyber Awareness Act (H.R. 2331), which requires the SBA to expand its ability to combat cyber threats.