"Supply Chain Security" Posts

Supply Chain Security, Compliance, and Privacy Tips For Cloud-Native Ecosystems

What exactly is a software supply chain — and how can MSSPs and CISOs secure those digital supply chains? Sumo Logic offers this context.

Supply Chain Cyberattacks Eyed by Lazarus Cyber Syndicate

Lazarus threat actor develops supply chain cyberattack capabilities, thereby expanding tis potential targets, Kaspersky research alleges.

CISA, NIST Describe Software Supply Chain Attack Preventions, Mitigations

A CISA & NIST report details how MSPs, MSSPs, vendors & software customers can identify, assess & mitigate software supply chain risks.

U.S. Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Potential Lawmaker Progress

A bi-partisan bill would fortify the U.S. technology supply chain’s cybersecurity defenses against hacks from adversaries such as China & Russia, the legislation’s sponsors said.

Third-Party Cyberattacks: Five Steps to Protecting Supply Chains

A slip-up by one of your partners or suppliers could undermine your cybersecurity efforts. Top MSSP Trustwave explains how to avoid third-party attacks involving your supply chain.