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Cyware Expands Threat Detection, Hunting And Defense Capabilities

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Cyware expands threat defense by allowing the sharing of rules, analytics and files.

MSSP Red Canary Adds Carbon Black Advanced Threat Hunting Support

Managed security services provider (MSSP) Red Canary adds support for the Carbon Black CB ThreatHunter advanced threat hunting & incident response solution.

How Threat Hunting Can Get Your Security Investments Moving in the Right Direction

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Threat hunting looks for indicators of compromise in your environment. It’s an exhaustive search through your systems looking for the bad guys, Trustwave explains.

Threat Hunting Best Practices From A Top MSSP

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How to foster a threat hunt mindset, begin the incident response and manage the investigation, according to Top 100 MSSP Delta Risk.

F-Secure Acquires MWR InfoSecurity for Threat Hunting Services

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F-Secure acquires managed security services provider (MSSP) MWR InfoSecurity & its threat hunting platform & managed phishing protection services.

PacketSled Partners with MSSPs to Deliver Threat Hunting-as-a-Service

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Network visibility & threat hunting platform provider PacketSled partners with managed security services providers (MSSPs) to deliver hunting-as-a-service.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 16 February 2018

MSSP & cybersecurity updates involving AWS buckets, Carbon Black, Cisco, CloudGenix, CyberArk, Jask, Kromtech, McAfee, SWIFT breach, Trustwave & more.

CyberDefenses Adds Ziften SysSecOps Platform to Threat Hunting Service

CyberDefenses managed security services integrates the Ziften systems & security operations (SysSecOps) platform into its threat hunting & response service.