"US Cybersecurity" Posts

House Passes Five Cybersecurity Bills; Legislation May Influence MSSP Strategies

The House passed five bipartisan bills focused on U.S. cybersecurity. Here are the potential MSSP, MSP & MDR service provider implications.

Can Biden Talk Russia Out of Alleged Cyber Aggression?

Can President Biden’s cyber diplomacy with Russian President Vladimir Putin protect critical U.S. infrastructure from ransomware attacks? Early clues emerge.

U.S. Cyber Command Lawyer Calls for Military Takedowns of Transnational Hackers

Should the U.S. government launch cyber military attacks against nation-state sponsored hackers? That debate is heating up.

Biden Wants International “Rules” to Combat Alleged Russian, Chinese Cyberattacks

The United States & democratic nations must jointly frame the “norms of behavior in cyberspace,” President Biden asserts at virtual Munich Security Conference.