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Five 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions from WatchGuard

What’s in store for 2021? WatchGuard CTO Corey Nachreiner points to automated spear phishing, home network worms, remote work targets, legacy endpoints and authentication lapses. Here’s why.

Are MSPs Adopting Zero-Trust Security?

Business continuity has been tested like never before this year, but are MSPs adopting a “Zero-Trust” security model to help better protect their clients?

Use Dark Web Reporting to Position Your Managed Services

Dark web reports can help MSPs identify if sensitive customer information is now vulnerable and potentially for sale on the malicious part of the Internet.

Malware Research: Q2 2020 Volume Drops, Zero Day Bounces Rise

Malware volume dipped in Q2 2020, likely due to employees working from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic rather than inside their company’s network, WatchGuard research finds.

The Impact of a Pandemic on Businesses: How MSSPs Can Step Up to Secure SMBs

The rapid transition to a remote workforce has been challenging for SMBs. Here’s how MSSPs can fill the resulting security voids, WatchGuard says.

The Support Call You Hate to Get as an MSSP

Wi-Fi issues can be difficult for an MSSP. Time spent diagnosing these issues costs resources and the client time and money. It shouldn’t be so difficult.

How Can Your MSSP Lead With Its Brand?

With more MSSPs emerging, it is essential for your MSSP to develop a strong brand to differentiate from the competition. WatchGuard explains how.

4 Ways MSSPs Can Improve Their Security Offering Through Automation

Service providers need automation built into their security offerings to mitigate increasingly sophisticated threats. WatchGuard explains how MSSPs can move forward.

Remote Work Security: Key MSSP Focus Areas

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, MSSPs need to assist customers with remote work environment security. WatchGuard explains how.

Why MSSPs Should Add Wi-Fi Security to Their Tech Stack

Smart MSSPs can detect & prevent the six Layer Two Wi-Fi threat categories that nearly every business has been vulnerable to for the last 21 years. WatchGuard explains how.