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Biden Administration Opens Opportunities for MSSPs with National Cybersecurity Strategy

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The White House proposes that legislation be directed at software makers that fail to safeguard their products and services.

White House to Take Aggressive Stance Mandating Private Industry Make Systems Cyber Safe

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The U.S. is weighing a new strategy to regulate security by private industry while endorsing a policy to counter-hack cyber adversaries.

White House Launches 120-Day Sprint for Cyber Apprenticeships

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Training programs will place particular focus on recruiting women and minorities to work in the cybersecurity field.

National Cyber Director’s Office Fleshes Out Ranks with Three New Deputies

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The White House expands national cyber office by hiring Kemba Walden, Neal Higgins & Rob Knake. Here are their U.S. national cybersecurity roles.

White House OMB Proposes ICAM Guidelines for Federal Agencies

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) offers identity, credential & access management (ICAM) cybersecurity guidelines for federal agencies.