"Zero Trust" Posts

IBM Security Partners With Zscaler, Tech Data for Zero Trust Options

IBM Security partners with Zscaler and Tech Data Cyber Range for zero trust initiatives, cloud security services & customer testing options.

NIST Explains Zero Trust Architecture: A Closer Look

NIST provides a Zero Trust Architecture overview. KuppingerCole provides further context on the Zero Trust discussion for security professionals.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 13 August 2020

Today’s MSSP & cybersecurity news involves Adaptive Shield, agileSI, Chris Schueler, CyCognito, FireEye, LogPoint, NIST Zero Trust guide, Simeio Solutions & more.

Zero Trust Security Explained

The Zero Trust information security model is gaining popularity for three key reasons, Optiv Security explains.

Making Sense of the Top Cybersecurity Trends

What the big cybersecurity trends — including artificial intelligence, zero trust, insider threat management, continuous authentication and culture building — really mean.

Top 10 Zero Trust Cybersecurity Companies for 2019

The Top 10 zero trust cybersecurity companies list actually contains 14 businesses & their partner program efforts for MSSPs (managed security services providers).

Cybersecurity: Energy Is Embracing Zero Trust, All Industries Should Too

Zero Trust microperimeters are like microgrids — essentially quarantining threats and hacks before they can spread uncontrolled across a network.