Top 200 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2019

Top 200 MSSPs for 2019: Companies 180 to 171

180. Integrity IT
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Integrity IT’s services span security program development; security assessments and overall security as a service.

179. Atlas Cybersecurity
Great Neck, New York, USA

Atlas blends managed security and professional services — everything from managed defense and security awareness training to compliance and risk assessments.

178. Techcess CyberSecurity Group
Houston, Texas, USA

Launched in 2018, the company focuses on SMB cybersecurity for Texas clientele.

177. Philantech3
Spokane, Washington, USA

Philantech3, initially named Innovation Computing, has been serving the Spokane area since 2002. A push beyond IT services and help desk support now includes six managed security services.

176. Siemba Inc
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Siemba offers an on-demand SOC as a service.

175. The SCE Group
Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA

The company offers a cybersecurity maturity assessment to help established and potential customers understand their current risk posture and target risk posture.

174. SecuAvail
Osaka, Japan

Secuavail claims to be the “first” MSSP in Japan.

173. Ezenta
Herlev, Denmark

Nixu acquired Ezenta in 2019. The parent company has offices across Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

172. Amnet
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Amnet, founded in 1998, offers IT support across Colorado Springs, Denver, Castle Rock, Monument, Pueblo & along The Front Range. Growing focus areas include cybersecurity and compliance services.

171. Accent Computer Solutions Inc.
Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

Accent supports Southern California businesses that typically employ 40 to 500 employees.

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