Top 250 MSSPs: Cybersecurity Company List and Research for 2020

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70. Arctic Wolf Networks
50 2018: NR
Sunnyvale, California, USA
Using the cloud native Arctic Wolf Platform, we provide security operations as a concierge service. Arctic Wolf solutions include Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Risk, and Managed Cloud Monitoring, each delivered through the industry’s original Concierge Security team. Named Concierge Security engineers act as an extension of your internal team, providing tailored threat detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management to keep your valuable business data safe. By pairing the intelligence of our cloud-native platform with the expert insight of our Concierge Security team, our customers get personal, predictable protection against emerging threats and continuous improvement of their cybersecurity posture.

69. EY
52 2018: 51
London, UK
All our cybersecurity services go from assessment and consulting through implementation to managed services. The growing complexity of cybersecurity and the ongoing shortage of cyber talent, and associated recruitment and retention issues, result in more demand for managed services. More and more organizations are looking for help with the day-to-day execution of their cybersecurity operations.

68. Xantrion
64 2018: 57
Oakland, California, USA
Xantrion was founded in 2000 to provide enterprise-grade IT services to midsized businesses. Our focus has never wavered. We continually refine our services to meet the needs of the organizations we serve. As a result, our tailored solutions, in-depth cybersecurity expertise, and superior service have made us one of the top 100 Managed Service Security Providers (MSSP) in the United States.

67. DXC Technology
9 2018: 12
Tysons, Virginia, USA
Recognized as a leader in security services, DXC Technology help customers improve cyber defense, verify digital identities and protect sensitive data. Our expert advisory services and 24×7 managed security services span cyber defense, secure infrastructure, digital identity and data protection services. We employ 3,500+ security professionals.

66. Thrive
55 2018: 60
Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA
Our mission is to become the most respected and referred provider of NextGen managed services, serving emerging, mid-market, and enterprise customers — customers of all sizes not only in the Northeast, but around the United States.

65. KPMG
49 2018: 42
New York, New York, USA
At KPMG, our global network of business-savvy cyber security member firm professionals understands that businesses cannot be held back by cyber risk. KPMG professionals recognize that cyber security is about risk management – not risk elimination. No matter where you are on the cyber security journey, KPMG member firms can help you reach the destination: a place of confidence that you can operate without crippling disruption from a cyber security event. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you, KPMG member firm professionals can help you work through strategy and governance, organizational transformation, cyber defense and cyber response. And cyber security professionals don’t just recommend solutions — they also help implement them. From penetration testing and privacy strategy to access management and cultural change, KPMG member firms can help you every step of the way.

64. Anitian
48 2018: 40
Portland, Oregon, USA
Anitian, a former VAR and MSSP that now offers cloud-based securty services, is on a mission to unite security and DevOps. We use the power and scale of the cloud to deliver solutions that accelerate security and compliance to save time, save money, and make money.

63. METMOX Inc
NR 2018: NR
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
METMOX’s Security Operations & Fusion Center (SOFC) is designed to be the one-stop-shop for all your security needs. Staffed entirely by L1-L3 certified ethical hackers (CEH), your SOFC team will manage the hygiene and monitoring of all of your security tools, follow-up and own any events entirely through final remediation, and gather additional threat intelligence from each event. Your SOFC will take proactive steps to harden the environment by performing ongoing vulnerability management and threat hunting. Your SOFC team will also keep your users safe on the frontlines of their email inboxes by setting up and monitoring an inbox where users can submit suspicious mails for review. The SOFC will be staffed using your choice of a dedicated or shared model. In our recommended dedicated model, the analysts in your SOFC work only for you. This means they will build unmatched knowledge of your specific environment, your processes, and your business needs. In a shared model, your SOFC analysts provide this exemplary service to you and an additional pool of customers to pass a cost savings to you.

62. Kudelski Security
23 2018: 16
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Kudelski Security is a leading cybersecurity company with one major goal: to disrupt the cybersecurity status quo. We partner with our clients to enhance their cyber confidence, threat immunity and data-protection through our comprehensive consulting, technology engagements, managed security services, and ability to innovate to create new capabilities. With offices and labs in Switzerland, London, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, France and the United States, we leverage a rich history of engineering and innovation to develop real solutions to our clients’ toughest cybersecurity challenges.

61. SKOUT Cybersecurity
193 2018: NR
Melville, New York, USA
We believe that peace of mind is worth protecting. Made for businesses of any size, we offer world-class cybersecurity that is accessible, affordable, and most importantly, effective. Monitoring everything from emails to endpoints, our team of SKOUTs helps you get back to business. SKOUT augments analyst capabilities with AI and machine learning to find trouble, before trouble finds you. SKOUT can integrate to existing tools and systems, including mainframes and custom applications. Our Write-Once Deploy Anywhere architecture allows us to put sensors anywhere customers need, from small offices to the cloud. Our technology is always delivered with superb customer service, making the solution easy to use.


Top 250 MSSPs for 2020: Companies 60 to 51