Top 250 MSSPs: Managed Security Services Company List and Research for 2021

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150. RNS Technology Services
Dubai, UAE
Our objective is to provide a holistic business-aligned security protection, detection and response control framework focusing on People, Process and Technology. The complexity and sophistication of the new age threats demand a comprehensive model that aims to reduce risk exposure, increase visibility and respond to threats and vulnerabilities with agility and accuracy. Our prime focus is to provide SME’s & Large enterprises an affordable fighting opportunity that helps to focus on their core business and enhance their skill set for achieving depth and mastery of their own domain while we enhance their security posture of their digital footprint. Our partnership with state-of-the-art technology vendors combined with continuously upskilled Cyber Security resources and robust processes provides the required edge in keeping the threat actors at bay.

149. Dataprise
Rockville, Maryland, USA
Dataprise is recognized as the premier strategic managed service and security partner to strategic midmarket CIOs and IT leaders across the United States. Dataprise’s Managed Cybersecurity solutions provide the necessary elements to protect an organization’s IT environment end-to-end. We expertly combine a world-class managed detection and response with a complete cybersecurity program to increase visibility, shut down bad actors quickly, and dramatically improve total security posture. Beyond next-gen cyber technology, our solutions are delivered by an elite security team defending and protecting organizations 24×7 at a fraction of the cost of building the capability in-house. Our security professionals, analysts, and threat hunters are always on and ready to detect, investigate, and remediate any threat, any time.

148. BDO Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel, Israel
The BDO Managed Security team helps keep our clients’ information and systems safe. We work directly with clients to tailor and implement a cybersecurity architecture that both meets their needs and addresses control requirements. Our specialized managed security services offering complements an internal IT team by establishing a holistic security program that includes market-leading security tools for malware detection and response, third party risk management to prevent attacks. BDO approach to security services provides our clients with a highly responsive team of subject matter experts, comprehensive coverage and predictable costs.

147. Bitdefender
Bucharest, District 6, Romania
Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services gives SMB to large enterprise customers outsourced cybersecurity operations 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. The services combine pioneering security technologies for endpoint protection, network traffic analysis and security analytics with the threat hunting expertise of highly skilled analysts sourced from the US Air Force, NSA, British Intelligence and other global intelligence agencies. The result is continuous threat monitoring and intelligence, advanced prevention, detection and response across any environment for every major industry.

146. Dark Rhino Security
Dublin, Ohio, USA
The innovation of technologies and new business processes is transforming the cybersecurity conversation from “How do I mitigate and manage risk?” to “How do I leverage cybersecurity to give my company a competitive advantage?” Organizations are challenged to incorporate cybersecurity into their products and services to drive consumer loyalty and growth. At DRS, we strongly believe that organizations of all sizes should have access to affordable world-class solutions to protect their data, their operations and their reputation.

145. CyberSheath Services International LLC.
Reston, Virginia, USA
With hundreds of NIST SP 800-171 assessments and implementations successfully performed for DoD contractors, we cut through the confusion of regulation and ensure measurable, ongoing compliance as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is implemented.

144. MegaplanIT
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
MegaplanIT is a Security Testing, Compliance Assessment & Managed Security (MDR) firm specializing in over 48 technically advanced services designed to protect cardholder and other sensitive data, secure in-scope networks, systems & web/mobile applications to ensure that organizations are both secure and compliant. MegaplanIT’s growth derives from providing our clients quality service and consistent communication to ensure that we have exceeded their Security & Compliance needs while delivering on-demand support to bolster their defense against tomorrow’s cyber threats.

143. ArmorPoint
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
ArmorPoint is for small to mid-market businesses who must defend against and keep pace with increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks to ensure business continuity, meet regulatory compliances, and protect business-critical assets and want the flexibility to completely own or outsource cybersecurity management with the peace of mind that a trusted IT provider is working 24/7 to identify, advise and, where appropriate, respond to threats on their behalf. ArmorPoint is a managed cybersecurity solution that provides the technology and service package options to bridge the gaps in your existing people, processes, and technology by scaling incident response delivery to evolve with your organization’s existing maturity level. Unlike traditional, siloed security solutions that simply detect and alert customers of threats, requiring internal IT teams to manually correlate events and resolve incidents, our product doesn’t require you to rip and replace your existing point solutions, but instead consolidates and correlates incidents with the option for full-service remediation, all under a single pane of glass.

142. GuardSight Inc.
Cedar City, Utah, USA
GuardSight, established in 2009, is a provider of specialized cybersecurity services. GuardSight fulfills the demand for cybersecurity services by offering its customers one or more core services focused on Operations (SECOPS), Assessments (VULN), and Response (CIRT). GuardSight’s specialized cybersecurity-as-a-service managed threat detection and response protection packages help customers defend critical assets against cybersecurity threats and improve cybersecurity posture through disciplined SECOPS.

141. Alliant Cybersecurity
Houston, Texas, USA
Our team works hand in hand with clients to implement cutting edge security strategies, offer comprehensive advisory services, and create uniquely tailored policies and procedures to serve the middle market. This includes Cyber Risk & Resilience Reviews, VAPTs- Vulnerability Assessments with Penetration Testing, SOC 2- Type 1 and 2 Audits, and CMMC- Cybersecurity Maturity Model Compliance Readiness Assessments. After assessing a client’s cyber-health, we offer a management suite that includes a vCISO- virtual Chief Information Security Officer to provide threat reports and manage IT. We also provide MDR- Managed Detection and Response SOCaaS through our Blue Sentinel Team which offers dedicated cybersecurity engineers to actively hunt for threats, gather evidence of a cyber-attack or event and respond to identified threats 24×7/365. Finally, for those businesses that an attack has already occurred, our team can perform incident forensics, provide expert legal testimony, and remediation

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