Top 250 MSSPs: Managed Security Services Company List and Research for 2021

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210. Siemba Inc
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA
At Siemba, we love solving cybersecurity problems. We offer a full stack of security and compliance services for modern enterprises trying to maximize and accelerate their Return On Mitigation (RoM). Whether it’s enabling compliance, creating an overall security strategy, safely enabling cloud apps, preventing data loss, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, securing endpoints or monitoring critical networks, we can help.

209. Appalachia Technologies
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Appalachia Technologies helps businesses in our community stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats through a combination of technology, service, and education. Our managed security services allow organizations to focus on their business goals and objectives, while our Security Operations Center proactively monitors, manages, and responds to security events in their environment. Appalachia’s managed security services provide a platform to help companies meet compliance regulations, identify weak points in their environments, and most importantly, protect organizations from malicious actors. Embracing a culture devoted to outstanding service, technical excellence, and positive client experiences, we at Appalachia Technologies provide relevant, secure, and forward-thinking IT solutions that scale to the business goals, strategies, and dreams of our clients.

208. Cerberus Sentinel
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
We approach cybersecurity and compliance holistically. Our MCCP+ process begins with understanding your current cybersecurity and compliance program, then implements initiatives to fill the gaps, remediate the issues, and establish a culture of awareness. We are a team of industry leaders who work collaboratively to solve complex cybersecurity challenges and meet strict compliance requirements while educating your team to the role they play in the security and compliance of your organization.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
IMCNET is a cyber security company focus to delivery SOC as a Service and Professional Services to partners and resellers at Brazil and South America.

206. SemTech IT Solutions
Longwood, Florida, USA
We focus on the SMB that prioritizes Security and Disater Recovery. We are truly a white glove MSSP that covers all facets of their IT needs from VCIO to Cyber Security. Our focus is on service based business like law, CPA, Associations, HVAC, Electrical,etc.

205. Tech Heads
Portland, Oregon, USA
Tech Head’s managed security services are focused around the implementation and management of CIS Controls for our customers. Tech Heads takes a prescriptive approach beginning with cybersecurity maturity and vulnerability assessments, which inform our plans to deploy the right services at the right times. This is critical to aid our customers on their journey to a more secure and resilient IT environment. We provide a suite of packages that include, Managed Cyber Security, Managed Microsoft Security, Security Awareness training and wrap it all up with Managed Detection and Response capabilities.

204. Firestorm Cyber
Bogart, Georgia, USA
Firestorm Cyber offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Since opening our doors, we’ve helped our clients take control of their data, cybersecurity, gain competitive advantage, secure their systems, financially guaranteed protection against ransomware, cloud security, managed threat response, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and technical and operational support.

203. Atlas Cybersecurity
Great Neck, New York, USA
Atlas Cybersecurity’s team brings together decades of experience in cybersecurity. Our team has significant experience from Fortune 500 companies, the Military, and the Intelligence Community. We have spent an unprecedented number of hours protecting some of the most sensitive data and systems in the world and now we are ready to apply that same experience and expertise in defending your networks. When you work with Atlas Cybersecurity, we become your in-house cybersecurity team. Our team of analysts will install, monitor, and manage a full suite of cybersecurity technologies, including Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Endpoint Protection Systems. We do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – if cyber criminals don’t take a day off, neither do we. We also use cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to take data from all of those systems and hunt for threats that manage to get through. Our team also has unparalleled access to the newest and most serious cyber threats, and we make sure that your defenses are always up to date and you are not left vulnerable to any known threat.

202. Convergence Networks
Portland, Oregon, USA
To be the largest people-centric MSSP across North America, securing and protecting the SMB community.

201. CyZen
New York, New York, USA
At CyZen, we understand the challenges that entities face in today’s world and the key role cybersecurity plays in protecting their interests. Our group features cybersecurity experts with professional backgrounds in high stakes roles – including for the Department of Defense – who have carried over their commitment to continuing training and operational excellence. We know that effective security must be tailored to our clients’ environment and functionality. By getting to know how they work, we’re able to design security solutions that enhance their capabilities while providing peace of mind.

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