Top 250 MSSPs: Managed Security Services Company List and Research for 2021

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190. Aspire Technology Partners
Eatontown, New Jersey, USA
Aspire Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services provide 24×7 visibility, detection, and response capabilities across cloud, network, and endpoints. Delivered from Aspire’s Network & Security Operations Center (NSOC), MDR leverages an integrated security architecture to advance security operations capabilities by delivering 24x7x365 threat detection and response to reduce mean time to detect and contain threats faster, with relevant, meaningful and prioritized response actions.

189. CTG Tech LLC
Arlington, Texas, USA
Our focus is to provide the highest-quality IT services and security solutions. Our team of experts offer remote monitoring, management and protection for networks from threats. Our dedicated vCIO meets quarterly with clients in order to discuss strategies that strengthen the security of their business.

188. CalTech
San Angelo, Texas, USA
Our mission is simply stated: ​Building lasting relationships and delivering value through exceptional technology services.

187. Xact IT Solutions Inc
Marlton, New Jersey, USA
Some IT Firms and MSSPs out there guarantee fast response times, quality service, and proactive support, and they actually deliver on their promises, but here at Xact IT Solutions, we believe that still isn’t good enough. Now more than ever, with the current cyber threats out there, you deserve more for your hard-earned money and someone in your corner who will protect what you’ve built. An IT firm or MSSP who keeps your IT running smoothly at all times is like a plumber who fixes your pipes; that’s what they are supposed to do. When you partner with Xact IT, we’ll deliver on our promises of outstanding IT support and solutions, but we won’t stop there. We lead with a security-first mindset, which is a rarity in this industry. Many IT firms struggle to keep themselves and their IT from falling apart. We’ve raised the standards in this industry and are a leading cybersecurity firm as a result. We are one of 30 firms globally to attain the CompTIA Security+ Trustmark, which certifies that we adhere to the NIST cybersecurity framework, the United States Government standards for properly securing computer networks and data. We also employ a team of certified cybersecurity professionals. Our credentials and certification are unmatched in the industry.

186. Legato Security
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
We are a managed security services company offering enterprise-level security to all organizations, including those who may be considered “too small” to take advantage of security software and services offered to larger companies. We deliver a broad range of services that help our clients of all sizes achieve responsible security posture. Cyber threats are affecting everyone – from a 1 or 2 person family, business, or organization (family offices, political orgs, start-ups), to a Fortune 100 company. The core of our MSS offering, SOC-as-a-Service, guarantees eyes on glass and security staff augmentation 24×7 to detect and prevent security threats even when your staff is sleeping.

185. Digital Umbrella
Redding, California, USA
Digital Umbrella is the Advanced Cybersecurity division of New Charter Technologies. Our mission is to secure the “front line” of US and Canadian critical infrastructure from advanced adversaries and sophisticated attacks. We focus primarily on Municipal Governments, Healthcare, Defense Manufacturers & Contractors, and the companies that serve those industries. Through those clients we secure Law Enforcement/Public Safety, First Responders, Oil & Gas, Power Grids, Water & Waste water, Defense systems, Intellectual Property, Finance, Elections, Healthcare Records & Systems, and all of the things that allow a free society to operate.

184. Pulse Technology
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
Pulse Technology focuses on protection for its clients against cyberterrorism and other interruptions to infrastructure. The company focuses on maintaining secure infrastructure and in training of its client’s employees to reduce the incidence of human error in cyber attacks. Clients use Pulse Technology as their Managed Service Providers and to help with any cyber security needs they have. Pulse has assisted many clients in increasing the security for their remote as well as on site locations.

183. NaviSec LLC
Tampa, Florida, USA
In an industry with product and service offerings that change weekly, NaviSec exists to partner with our clients to implement the right sized, right priced protection they need to focus on critical business operations. The NaviSec portfolio includes Delta offensive security services, Sentry defensive security services, and the Atlas Security Operations Center (SOC). Seamless integration, scalability, and customization are critical in our approach to protecting each client’s unique business assets. NaviSec is your cyber security department.

182. Hughes Network Systems
Germantown, Maryland, USA
Few challenges pose as big a risk to an enterprise as data security breaches, which is particularly true for the distributed enterprise with its more expansive threat surface and need to broadly interact with the public. From an organization’s financials and private data to its customer information, every aspect of a business is at risk for serious harm and damage to its reputation. With attacks so widespread, even the most sophisticated IT organizations may find their resources stretched to the limit trying to keep pace with emerging threats. As a result, every network that Hughes deploys for our customers comes with integrated security, providing state-of-the-art 24/7 security monitoring, compliance reporting, and firewall management, plus the ability to augment their security suite with UTM, IDPS, SOCaas, incident response services and a full gamut of managed vulnerability management services to keep their networks—and their businesses—safe and secure.

181. Stealth-ISS Group Inc.
Arlington, Virginia, USA
Stealth – ISS Group (est. 2002) is your extended IT, cyber security, risk and compliance team which provides strategic guidance, engineering and audit services, along with technical remediation and security operations. We pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of our workforce, collaborative relationships with our clients, and our ability to bring you innovative, customized, and affordable vendor-agnostic solutions based on your immediate needs while also aligning with your business strategy and operations. We are a Woman Owned, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVO) passionate about protecting companies and agencies from all facets of cyber-crime, protecting your people and company data, reducing your information and financial losses, and protecting your reputation.

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