Top 250 MSSPs List: Managed Security Services Provider Company Research 2022

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240. Vairav Technology Security
Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

Vairav Technology, Gurkhas of the Cyber Security World, provides a Security Operation Center service that supports the Cyber Vigilance at 24/7/365. The combination of Artificial Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, and Human Intelligence (pool of experience Cybersecurity Analyst) with our on-premises and cloud-native SIEM will boost confidence regarding your IT infrastructure, protect against emerging threats, and will help to continuously detect and prevent cyber threats to improve the organization’s cybersecurity posture. We do not blindly follow formal protocols or adhere to a majority view, but rather bring in our own experience with technology to provide safe and reliable services for our clients by leveraging bests practices from around the world.

239. US itek
Tonawanda, New York, USA

US itek provides cloud, managed IT, cybersecurity and compliance solutions to manufacturers and financial firms in upstate New York.

238. SolCyber
Dallas, Texas, USA

Why can’t security be like streaming video, where customers can buy a predictable outcome in a simple subscription model — without worrying about the underlying tech? SolCyber achieves this by boiling down Fortune 500 security into a foundational set of capabilities in an easy to consume per user/per month subscription. The service includes 24×7 detection and response capabilities and a curated set of technologies that cover broadly across the kill chain including phishing simulation, advanced email, EPP & EDR, privilege abuse and lateral movement detection. The solution is cyber insurance validated, promoting expedited applications and up to 30% premium discount to businesses.

237. Orbis Solutions
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A Premier Provider of Reliable Cybersecurity Solutions for South-West United States. We aim to create standard yet highly reliable solutions to counter alarmingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Our experts will help you come up with customized security measures to help mitigate any possible threats. Notably, we focus on external threats without ignoring protecting your IT infrastructure from internal threats.

236. Exchange Technology Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

We provide to our clients cybersecurity services from the Blue Team, including SOC and Incident Response to the Red Team, delivering Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests.

235. CyberDome Nigeria
Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

CyberDome is a world-class Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) located in Abuja, Nigeria with an office in Israel. We provide bespoke, comprehensive, and holistic end-to-end managed cybersecurity services and solutions while ensuring organizations’ IT infrastructure is equipped with tools and capabilities to prevent, detect and remediate/respond to the most sophisticated and complex cyber threats and attacks.

234. Technivorus Technology
Gurugram, Delhi, India

We aim to provide cutting-edge IT Security services bundled with effective and affordable Technologies to SMBs and Enterprises.

233. Green Tick Nepal
Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
We are the only company from Nepal to be listed in the directory of cyber security service providers by SWIFT, a global member-owned cooperative and the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services.

232. SharkStriker Inc.
Walnut Creek  California, USA

SharkStriker is a global cybersecurity service provider based in the USA. It builds upon its ORCA philosophy to hunt and mitigate the most sophisticated attacks. The ORCA represents Observe, Respond, Compliance, and Awareness and covers end-to-end cybersecurity. SharkStriker’s open architecture-based MDR platform is built with an adversarial mindset to help businesses take a proactive approach towards cybersecurity. It also leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for automated detection and response while delivering a unified layer of security. With its cloud-based SaaS platform, SharkStriker focuses on providing authoritative managed cybersecurity services, including MDR-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service, SIEM-as-a-Service, risk assessment and audit, vulnerability management, compliance management, and penetration testing.

231. Adeo Cyber Security Services
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

MDR can be defined as the provision, positioning and use of the necessary technologies and human resources to operate this technological infrastructure with the tailored processes provided by a MSSP which enables organizations to detect cyber attacks occurring on their infrastructures in the fastest way and to respond to these attacks. The MDR service is provided by MDR analysts within ADEO, and experts monitor, analyze and identify security incidents that occur within the infrastructure, respond to incidents, and continue to improve by making necessary notifications.

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