Video interviews with MSSP executives, including CEOs, security analysts, MDR service providers, Security Operations Center experts & more.

Continuous Vulnerability Management: How MSSPs Can Mitigate Application Risks for CISOs

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Applications are now everywhere. And that means application vulnerabilities also are everywhere. Invicti CEO Michael George explains the resulting “continuous vulnerability management” opportunity for MSSPs.

EDR Security Strategies vs. Ransomware Attacks

Video interview: Where does EDR (endpoint detection and response) fit in an overall strategy vs ransomware? Fortinet VP Jonathan Nguyen-Duy explains.

SD-WANs and Multi-Cloud Security for MSSPs: Fortinet Explains Partner Opportunities

Fortinet VP Michael O’Brien explains how the security company aligns with MSSPs to address SD-WAN and multi-cloud security opportunities.

Microsoft MSHTML Vulnerability: What MSSPs and MSPs Need to Know

Hackers exploit Microsoft MSHTML vulnerability. Perch Security & The Cyber Nation explain how MSSPs can protect Microsoft Windows customers.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Security Strategies for MSSPs

How must MSSPs evolve to safeguard hybrid multi-cloud customer models? Fortinet VP Jonathan Nguyen-Duy offers guidance.

NOC and SOC Convergence Strategies for MSSPs

Video interview: How security operations centers (SOCs) & network operations centers (NOCs) are converging. Fortinet VP Jonathan Nguyen-Duy explains.

Robert Herjavec Interview: CEO Explains Herjavec Group-Apax Partners Deal

CEO Robert Herjavec explains Herjavec Group’s deal with private equity firm Apax Partners, and what’s next for the MSSP’s cybersecurity business.

Why Herjavec Group Acquired Securience: The MSSP Alert Interview

Aaron Jamieson & Doug Chin explain why Herjavec Group acquired Securience, and what the future holds for the MSSP’s identity & access management (IAM) practice.

Area 1 Security CEO Patrick Sweeney: The MSSP Alert Interview

Area 1 Security CEO Patrick Sweeney explains the email security provider’s channel partner strategy for VARs, MSPs, MSSPs and more.

Video Podcast: Fortinet SOAR Advice and Guidance for MSSPs and Security Minded MSPs

Fortinet’s Stephan Tallent describes how security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) can assist MSSPs & security operations centers (SOCs).