2023 March – MSSP Alert: Webcast

MSSP Alert: Managed XDR – Who’s Responsible for Response?

Thursday, March 16, 2023
2:00 PM Eastern Time

Traditional XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) continues to shift toward a managed XDR (MXDR) model. But managed XDR definitions often confuse MSSPs and their end-customers. To clear up that confusion, join us as we discuss:

  1. The current state of managed XDR services, and their potential value to MSSPs and end-customers.
  2. What MSSPs should look for – and avoid – when partnering with managed XDR software companies.
  3. How managed XDR services may further evolve as we march deeper into 2023.
  4. Reframing XDR customer conversations around risk mitigation.
  5. Truly understanding what managed XDR can – and can’t – do for your company.
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