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Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring Combats Continuous Threats

Leading MSSPs offer continuous security monitoring that blends continuous asset discovery & continuous vulnerability management. AlienVault explains how.

How MSSPs Can Explain Cloud-based Security Benefits to Customers

Cloud-based security delivers clear benefits to both customers and managed service providers (MSPs). AlienVault points to these upsides.

Improving Threat Detection Through MSSPs

AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) is a cornerstone in building successful managed security and compliance service offerings.

10 Opportunities for MSPs and MSSPs to Deliver MDR Services

Here are 10 opportunities for MSPs & MSSPs to embrace and deliver competitive MDR (managed detection and response) services, according to AlienVault.

InfoSec: This Year’s Biggest Managed Services Opportunity

The evolution from simply reselling technology to being a true Value Added Security Partner or Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) is not easy, But the upside is immense. AlienVault explains why.

The Value of MSSPs and Threat Intelligence

MSPs can transition into the MSSP end of the managed services sector. It requires a bit of cybersecurity specialization. AlienVault VP Mike LaPeters explains the market need.

Four Ways MSSPs Can Show Customer Value During Quiet Times

How can MSSPs remind customers of their value when new security incidents aren’t popping up? Here are four tactics and communication steps MSSPs can pursue, an AlienVault partner says.

MSSPs and Threat Detection Security Services: Case Study

Sword & Shield, a Top 100 MSSP and AlienVault partner, describes threat detection security services, and cloud security monitoring across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Why Use a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)?

Why should businesses, organizations, CISOs and IT departments embrace third-party managed security services providers (MSSPs)? These five questions provide the answers, AlienVault says.

The Top Item InfoSec Experts Lack Is This…

Ask any InfoSec person the following question: “What do you lack most in your job?” You’ll hear a range of answers. But here’s the biggest issue facing InfoSec professionals.