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13 Essentials for Building a Cyber Security Offering

How can an MSP build an effective and profitable cyber security business offering? Continuum’s Joseph Tavano offers this guidance.

Important Tips for Improving Password Security

MSPs should share these password security tips with customers in order to help minimize hacker password guessing, dictionary-based attacks, brute force attacks, phishing, shoulder surfing & other risks.

Cyber Attack Methods That Trick MSPs

MSPs offering cyber security services will benefit from the following breakdown, which details the most common cyber attack tactics, key warning signs and tips to remain protected.

A Quick Guide to Incident Response Planning

How MSPs and MSSPs can develop cybersecurity incident response plans for their clientele, according to Continuum.

How to Break Bad IT Security Habits

Memo to MSPs & MSSPs: Share this checklist of security guidelines with your customers to ensure they have a proper cybersecurity stance. Continuum’s Meaghan Moraes explains.

5 Steps to Take After a Ransomware Infection

These five tips can help MSSP to mitigate ransomware threats that target customers. Plus, how to effectively sell cybersecurity to SMB customers.

How to Offer Proactive, Detective and Responsive Managed Security

MSPs need more advanced & comprehensive security—such as endpoint & network security, SOC services, log management, DNS filtering & user training. Here’s how to move forward.

Phishing Scams: What You Need to Know to Avoid Them

Four ways MSPs can help customers to avoid phishing scams and associated malware, according to Continuum CIO Hunter Smith.

Managed Security for Small Businesses: How MSPs Can Engage Customers

How MSPs can have cybersecurity conversations with small business customers and prospects that don’t want to tackle the touchy subject. Timely advice from Continuum.

Best Defense vs. Rising Cyber Attack Costs: Managed Security Services

Financial fallout from a typical cyber attack is rising, Ponemon Institute & Accenture research finds. But managed security services can mitigate the risks, Continuum asserts.