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Posts by ESG Global

Enterprises Need to Embrace Top-Down Cybersecurity Management

Top-down cybersecurity protects the business mission, objectives, and processes and then aligns those priorities with the right controls and monitoring down the technology stack.

Cyber Risk Management: A Disconnect Between Business and Security

Business leaders want actuarial tables & timely metrics to adjust risk management strategies in real time. Alas, most CISOs & chief risk officers don’t have the processes or metrics to satisfy those needs.

Cyber Risk Management Grows More Difficult

Why do 73% of cybersecurity, GRC, and IT professionals believe cyber risk management is more problematic? ESG’s Jon Oltsik explains.

6 Requirements for Cybersecurity Platforms

A cybersecurity technology platform must go beyond tightly-coupled product integration and include the following six capabilities, ESG Global says.

Machine Learning: Security Product or Feature?

Do machine learning-based security tools constitute a new type of product, or will machine learning technology simply turn into a product feature built into existing security technologies? ESG offers analysis.

Where Endpoint Management and Security Meet

Corporate IT must explore modern management approaches that can potentially help consolidate investments, improve the overall security, and perhaps achieve a seamless end-user experience. ESG explains why.

Software-defined Perimeter (SDP): Important Initiative, Ineffective Name

No one has a software-defined perimeter (SDP) budget, but everyone has an SDP requirement. It’s time to abandon the techno-speak and reframe SDP as ubiquitous secure access services (USAS).

Modern Device Management: Resist Or Embrace?

How does IT wrap their arms around users who leverage multiple devices, applications, and identities — not to mention securing the now expanded perimeter? ESG offers guidance.

Meet the Proactive CISO

CISOs (chief information security officers) are becoming more proactive in their jobs in such areas as threat intelligence, privacy and business initiatives. ESG explains more.

Endpoint Security Suites Must Detect, Prevent Threats AND Ease Operations

Threat detection and prevention are critical. But the best next-generation endpoint security suites must help organizations automate and streamline endpoint security operations, ESG says.