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Let’s Address Cybersecurity’s Gender Disparity

Women in cybersecurity are frequently taught to manage, deflect, and defend against inappropriate behavior. Here’s the smarter path forward.

U.S. Cloud Providers Face International Privacy Nightmare Amid Court Ruling

A U.S. District Court ruling requires Google to turn over Gmail data stored overseas. Cloud services providers (CSPs) & MSPs must take note.

What Kind of Threat Intelligence Are You Selling Me?

The threat intelligence market is not well defined. Plus, marketing departments are playing buzzword bingo. Forrester Research explains the market.

Black Hat Cybersecurity Conference Buzzword Bingo: Platforms, Ecosystems, More

The Black Hat USA 2017 conference will generate buzzword phrases like “cybersecurity platform” and “ecosystem” and lots more, Forrester Research predicts.

Data Is The Perimeter, Defend It That Way

Data is the perimeter for any network. It is defendable, it can be clearly delineated (with some work mind you) and it can be used as a defense mechanism.

Cybersecurity: Energy Is Embracing Zero Trust, All Industries Should Too

Zero Trust microperimeters are like microgrids — essentially quarantining threats and hacks before they can spread uncontrolled across a network.

Not Only GDPR. A New Set Of Privacy Rules Is Here

EU policy makers aspire to finalize a new version of the ePrivacy Directive that goes hand-in-hand with the GDPR. Here’s how MSSPs can prepare.