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Don’t Get Schooled: How MSPs and Security Teams Can Catch a Phish

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Phishing is one of the top four key paths for threat actors to achieve success in their attacks and one of the top five sources of breaches.

Four Sneaky Attacker Evasion Techniques You Should Know About

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Hackers have learned to be quiet when infiltrating an environment. Huntress explains what MSPs & MSSPs need to know about defense evasion.

Navigating the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST cybersecurity framework has five pillars — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover — for cybersecurity best practices. 

What Is Defense Evasion?

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By understanding defense evasion techniques, MSSPs & MSPs can harden their arsenal of traps & detections against hackers & adversaries, Huntress asserts.

One Year Later: Lessons Learned from the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

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Huntress explains what caused the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, and how MSPs can prevent similar cyberattacks.

What Should A Modern Cybersecurity Stack Look Like?

Huntress explains the critical layers that security-driven MSPs need to address for themselves and end-customers.

Targeted APT Activity: BABYSHARK Is Out for Blood

This blog follows the ThreatOps investigation of targeted DPRK (North Korean) backed cyber espionage efforts against Nuclear Think Tanks.

Learn To Think Like A Hacker At hack_it 2021.2

This hack_it virtual conference will help MSPs build stronger defenses by diving into attacker tactics, techniques & procedures, Huntress says.

A Brief Evolution Of Hacker Tradecraft

MSPs that understand how hackers are evolving their tradecraft can better prepare for tomorrow cybersecurity threats, MDR company Huntress asserts.

Why Persistence Is a Staple for Today’s Hackers

Once a bad actor is able to bypass preventive security measures, they’ll do anything to keep their access. That’s where persistence comes in.