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Learn To Think Like A Hacker At hack_it 2021.2

This hack_it virtual conference will help MSPs build stronger defenses by diving into attacker tactics, techniques & procedures, Huntress says.

A Brief Evolution Of Hacker Tradecraft

MSPs that understand how hackers are evolving their tradecraft can better prepare for tomorrow cybersecurity threats, MDR company Huntress asserts.

Why Persistence Is a Staple for Today’s Hackers

Once a bad actor is able to bypass preventive security measures, they’ll do anything to keep their access. That’s where persistence comes in.

Huntress Investigates Mass MSP Ransomware Incident

How MDR cybersecurity company Huntress is investigating the Kaseya VSA supply chain attack that’s affecting MSPs, resellers & their customers.

Discovering A Ransomware Remedy in the Wild

Huntress describes a key way for MSPs & MSSPs to fight ransomware attacks, based on a novel defensive trick found in the wild.

Emerging Cybersecurity Trends That May Impact Your SMB Clients

As hackers continue to evolve their tricks and tactics, so too must your threat detection capabilities. Huntress unpacks some recent trends.

Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities: Mitigation Guidance for MSPs

Hackers target Microsoft Exchange Server March 2021 vulnerability disclosures. Huntress explains how MSPs & MSSPs can mitigate those risks.

Top Hacker Tradecraft That Caught Our Eye In 2020

From ransomware to defense evasion, here are some of the most interesting — and innovative — hacker tradecraft Huntress saw in 2020.

Why Microsoft Defender Antivirus Is Worth Another Look

Why Microsoft Defender Antivirus is worth another look — and why you should consider including it in your stack, according to Huntress.