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How Privileged Access Management (PAM) Must Evolve

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Privileged Access Management (PAM) as-a-Service may help MSPs, MSSPs & customers to strengthen security while sidestepping cyber talent shortages.

How Integrated Threat Management Capabilities Can Boost Your Security Posture

To defend against cyber threats, companies need to be proactive, thoughtful and comprehensive in their defensive strategies, says Optiv.

How to Address Third Party Risk

As you add partners, networks, and systems, your level of general cyber risk gets compounded. Optiv Security explains how to mitigate that third-party risk.

How to Perform Cost Effective Cloud Risk Assessments

MSSPs increasingly need to assess security, privacy & compliance for public cloud infrastructure across AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud. Optiv shares some best practices.

22 Steps to Protect Your Business From Phishing Attacks

Proofpoint research shows phishing scams remain a significant cybersecurity issue. Here’s how to avoid being a phishing victim, Optiv asserts.

EDR vs NDR vs XDR vs MDR: What’s Next for Detection and Response?

The next step in managed security services likely involves Managed eXtended Detection & Response (MXDR). Optiv Security explains why.

How to Securely Manage Identity In Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environment

Four key elements are required for an effective identity-centric solution, according to Optiv Senior Practice Manager Sagnik Mukherjee.

How to Defend vs Go365 — The Microsoft 365 Password Spraying Tool

Go365 is a password-guessing cyberattack tool used to target Microsoft 365 customers. Optiv Security recommends these Office 365 security steps.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: Why to Embrace a Three-Tiered Approach

A three-tier approach to cybersecurity risk management can improve risk communication & risk reduction and reduce risk management costs over time.

Energy Sector Critical Infrastructure: The Hacker Perspective

How threat actors target and attack critical energy infrastructure, and how they achieve success, according to Optiv Security’s analysis.