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The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA) and how does it help keep user accounts safe? Sherweb provides the answers.

Why Your MSSP Should Offer Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

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Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), or online backup services or cloud backup, is a way of storing data in the cloud, Sherweb explains.

What You Should Know About Disaster Recovery

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MSPs & MSSPs can embrace four types of disaster recovery plans to protect customer data & mitigate business risk, Sherweb explains.

Why You Should Add Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Your Offerings

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Infrastructure as a Service can provide all the tools MSPs and MSSPs need to get ahead of their competitors, according to Sherweb explains.

Understanding the Difference Between Backup and Replication

When it comes to backup or replication, which one’s the right option for managed service providers (MSPs) and/or their clients? Sherweb offers answers.

EDR, XDR vs MDR Security Services: What MSPs and MSSPs Need to Know

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When it comes to detection & response security services, MSPs & MSSPs have multiple options. Sherweb offers this guidance.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR): MSP Security Benefits Explained

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Here’s how XDR makes it easier for MSP security teams to identify and address legitimate security threats, according to Sherweb.

How To Balance The Need And Rising Costs Of Hiring Skilled Techs

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Here are nine questions every MSP & MSSP should consider before hiring a technology or cybersecurity pro, according to Sherweb.

Key Security Features In Microsoft 365 Business Premium

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Sherweb explains how MSPs and MSSPs can leverage Microsoft 365 Business Premium to improve small and medium business (SMB) customer security.

How To Keep Growing Amid Cybersecurity Labor Crisis

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How MSPs & MSSPs can standardize, automate & partner their way to managed security business revenue growth, according to Sherweb.