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Posts by SonicWall

Cyber Threat Report: SonicWall’s 2020 Research Findings

The 2020 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report provides critical threat intelligence to help you better understand how cybercriminals think.

7 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Endpoint Protection Solutions

Attackers are getting craftier with infiltrating secure environments. Can your endpoint protection keep up? Here’s how to know.

Meeting a Russian Ransomware Cell

SonicWall’s Brook Chelmo goes inside the minds that operate a real-world Russian ransomware cell, gaining a secure channel to its young leader “Twig”.

My Workspace: Cybersecurity’s Single Pane of Glass for MSSPs

My Workspace, a SonicWall dashboard, allows MSSPs to see & manage their tenants and associated assets, Senior Product Manager Suroop Chandran explains.

SonicWall Research: Encrypted Attacks, IoT Malware Surge

Malware and ransomware attacks have dipped through the third quarter of 2019, but other attack types are spiking in volume, explains SonicWall.

5 Steps to Deploy Fast, Secure WiFi in K-12 Schools

If you’re expanding, upgrading or building a secure wireless network for K-12 campus or districts, review these five WiFi best practices from SonicWall.

Webinar: How to Mitigate 2019’s Most Advanced Cyber Threats

How to prepare your business to face and mitigate 2019’s most advanced cyber threats, according to SonicWall’s Brook Chelmo.

SaaS Application Security: 7 Risks to Mitigate

How to mitigate SaaS security risks for Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and other cloud applications, according to SonicWall.

2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report: Key Business Findings

Hackers & nefarious groups are pushing attacks to greater levels of volume and sophistication, the 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report outlines.

Spoiler Side-Channel Attack Mitigated by SonicWall RTDMI

Spoiler is the latest side-channel attack threatening Intel processors. Here are risks. Plus, how SonicWall protects MSPs, MSSPs & customers from Spoiler.