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The Nastiest Malware of 2020

For the third year running, Webroot has examined the year’s biggest cyber threats and ranked them to determine which ones are the absolute worst.

Cyber Resilience for Business Continuity

How MSPs can defend SMBs against independent and state-sponsored hacking groups using sophisticated hacking tools.

Ransomware: The Bread and Butter of Cybercriminals

Criminals know the value of business data and the cost of downtime. Because they service multiple SMBs simultaneously, MSPs are now an attractive target.

Hack, Crash, Storm, Spill: Pick Your Poison

Hackers will capitalize on the names and news coverage of hurricanes to disguise attacks. So now is a good time to review your cybersecurity posture.

DoH Is Here to Stay: Why Businesses Should Embrace DNS Over HTTPS

Web browsers increasingly support DNS over HTTPS (DOH). That’s a win for consumers, and an education opportunity for MSPs and MSSPs. OpenText’s Webroot explains why.

How AI and Machine Learning Help to Address Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can further automate MSP cybersecurity services, and boost business efficiencies. Webroot explains.

Poor Password Practices: The Curse of the Cybersecurity Risk Index Score

More than one-third of Americans share passwords and login credentials with others. Webroot describes how to mitigate such cybersecurity risks.

5 Cyber News Headlines: The Threats Around Us

The latest cybersecurity trends span phishing, government cyberattacks, biometric challenges, healthcare data breaches & misinformation campaigns, Webroot explains.

MSSPs: Monitor Nine KPI Metrics to Ensure Profitable, Sustainable Growth

To ensure sustained profitability, MSPs and MSSPs must closely track & monitor these nine metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), 451 Research says.

How MSSPs Can Use Security Awareness Training to Develop Savvier Clients (and More Revenue)

MSSPs that develop Security Awareness Training (SAT) practices can bolster their revenues and customers’ corporate compliance stance.