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Posts by Webroot

5 Cyber News Headlines: The Threats Around Us

The latest cybersecurity trends span phishing, government cyberattacks, biometric challenges, healthcare data breaches & misinformation campaigns, Webroot explains.

MSSPs: Monitor Nine KPI Metrics to Ensure Profitable, Sustainable Growth

To ensure sustained profitability, MSPs and MSSPs must closely track & monitor these nine metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), 451 Research says.

How MSSPs Can Use Security Awareness Training to Develop Savvier Clients (and More Revenue)

MSSPs that develop Security Awareness Training (SAT) practices can bolster their revenues and customers’ corporate compliance stance.

Why Leading Security Vendors Rely On Webroot Threat Intelligence; And How MSPs Can Too

The benefits of threat intelligence are now available in Webroot’s cost-effective business endpoint security products, the company says.

MSSP Advisory: Latest Ransomware Threats Demand Multi-Layer Protection

Recent WannaCry & Petya ransomware attacks delivered wake-up calls to MSSPs & MSPs. Webroot describes how Multi-Layer Protection can block such attacks.

How MSSPs Can Leverage Machine Learning to Combat Malware & PUAs

Ransomware and PUAs can trigger operational problems for MSSPs’ clients and damage MSSP reputations. Follow these Webroot tips to overcome the challenges.

Multi-Vector Attacks Demand Multi-Vector Protection

Learn how multi-vector endpoint protection solutions provide multiple chances at multiple attack stages to stop a threat before an infection can succeed.